20's Plenty for Crosby


Our objective is for Crosby and Blundellsands to have a 20mph limits for all residential roads and with exceptions where appropriate. Even with its five schools no one is suggesting the A565 should be changed from 30mph but College Road and Moor Lane - from Moor Lane roundabout to Aldi - are a consideration for 20mph and it would certainly be safer for motorists living along both these roads to enter and exit their roads and drives if they were. Little Crosby and where Little Crosby Road enters Crosby would also be 20mph.

Understandably Sefton Councillors have to consider Sefton as a whole and with cost cutting the council is currently drifting towards running Southport as a 'test' area before considering rest of the borough.

Sefton currently prioritises areas by the traditional method of logging death and serious injury statistics for each road. It's a flawed 'cure not prevention' method that equates to sticking a plaster on a knee rather than considering the reducing the risk for the whole body in one move. Crosby and Blundellsands rates of injury are not extreme but this is probably due to being bordered by sea and countryside on two sides, having only one major road running through it, and the almost total absence of regular road users other than motorists.

On paper Crosby should be one of the safest places to cross the road or cycle to school in the country - but the simple fact is that most residents avoid these two activities because some of their neighbours will not respect the existing speed limit - let alone travel under it - and 30mph itelf is now too fast a speed to allow pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles to all share the road safely.

This is Alan Lunt Director of Build Environment for Sefton Council in the Southport Visiter last week.

“On most residential roads in Sefton, it’s not safe or appropriate to drive at more than 20mph..Despite this, a small number of drivers use residential roads at inappropriate speeds without regard for road safety or respect for anyone else.”

There is no doubt that Sefton will make the switch within 5 years. Most of the country would have done the same by then. The problem for Crosby is that West lancashire Council and Liverpool CC are already way ahead of Sefton and the piece-meal compromise currently on the table ( and likely to be reduced by 'cost cutting") will cost us all more in the long run and leave Crosby waiting whilst Southport and then Formby gain a better environment for it's residents. It cost Portsmouth £570,
000 for 1,200 roads. Does Sefton have that many residential roads?

Please see the News section under "About Us" for what we have planned to move the process forward to try and catch up with our neighbours.

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